Poached vanilla pear and chocolate sauce

Serves: 4

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cooking: 15 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes


4 pear

2 vanilla bean

40 gr corn flour (maizena)

1/2 litre milk

3 eggs

100 gr Brown sugar

50 gr of dark chocolate

1 tablespoon thick cream

1 tablespoon almond flakes


Cook the pear covered with water and a sliced vanilla bean.

Boil milk with  the second vanilla bean (split in the length)

Whisk eggs and sugar till foamy, add mizen and mix well.

Add the egg to milk and stir while cooking till thickening.

Keep the cream in the fridge.

Once the pear are soft keep them in the fridge till serving.

When time to serve melt the chocolate with thick cream.

Pour some vanilla cream on a plate, add a pear, chocolate sauce and some almond flakes.


You can use other fruits like peaches or apricots.

Drink champagne or a vanilla tea.


Nutritional Information

1 pear

Calories: 203 Kcal

Fat: 3 gr

Protein: 10 gr

Carbohydrates: 34 gr

Poached fruits are an ideal dessert as easier to digest and good fibre content, without the vanilla cream it could be added to a weight loss program for a sweet touch !

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