Miso soup with a twist

Serves: 4
Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes


50 gr of mushrooms (depending on your country could be portobello  or shiitake or any other asian type)

1 tablespoon of dried shredded seaweed wakame

1 teaspoon of chives

2 teaspoon of moringa or baby spinach

1 tablespoon of miso paste (I love the dark one) MSG free and GMO free

50 Cl of water



Clean and slice the mushrooms.

Boil the water with mushrooms and moringa leaves (or baby spinach).

Once cooked, remove from the stove and add the miso (more or less depending on your taste), you can use a sieve and wooden spoon to do it and dilute the paste evenly.

Pour in 4 bowls and top it with chives and seaweeds.

Serve hot !



Serve as a side dish with a small cup of brown rice and and seared tuna with sesame seeds or any Japanese dish.

Drink a sake or a Japanese beer.

Nutritional Information

1 serving: 1 bowl

Calories: 25 Kcal

Fat: 0.4 gr

Protein: 1.4 gr

Carbohydrates: 3 gr

Rich in B vitamins, amino acids, D’s, minerals and fibres. This soup is ideal on a weight loss program and for person suffering from digestive issues. The miso paste is fermented food and contains also some good probiotics. Downside is the high level of sodium content for people suffering from high blood pressure.

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