When good is bad…

When I was in primary school, we would all eat homemade meals and the ones who were eating fast food or processed food stood out and were ashamed.

As a teenager I remembered helping a classmate during a tough financial period by giving her fresh fruits, leftovers and yogurt from the canteen for her to get decent meal everyday.

So, when my kids told me that their classmates made fun of them for bringing homemade meals, saying “yuk” of their freshly cooked bolognese sauce, I got sad.

Where is this world going where a 5 and 7 years old kid are ashamed of bringing delicious food while 80% of their class is eating jam sandwich and biscuits.

Lack of education

I don’t blame it entirely on the parents. The school system, advertisement, the food industry, consumerism, medias  allow those things to happen.

When the so called canteen just offers processed food it means nutrition is obviously not a priority. When politics don’t stop the food industry producing processed food, our health is not a priority.

When parents are lured into thinking a lunchbox should look like a fairy gloss with bread shaped as heart with sprinkles more than a good nutritious meal.

When they think it is ok as they are just children.


It makes me mad just to think about it. It is our children health, their future as adults that you shape when little kid. You just give them rubbish as it is fast and convenient without thinking about the damages. Those toxins not only inflamed their little brain that struggle to develop but also will bring  DNA mutation. I will not go to far on the biochemistry process here, if you are interested there are lots of books available on how your body replicate cells and what nutrients are needed or how it can be destroyed and damaged by free radicals, stress and toxins.

Being a parent is hard work

I am a mum myself, I know the challenge.
Keeping an house clean and tidy as best as you can, educating your kids, feeding them, and still trying to have some free time.
My mum had 4 kids and still did all this plus working when we got older. She is now 79 years old, healthy and still cooking and keeping the house tidy.

Most of our mums did, dads are helping more than before, technology makes our life easier and still it sounds like we don’t have enough time to make it happen now. Did the days shrunk?

Our modern society

Women are talking about equality and rights. Of course it would be amazing if men could act in a nicer way and it would be just normal to get the same salary for the same job.

But what about our kids? Do we forget them in the equation? How many couples do I know  feed their kids on front of the TV a rubbish meal, bedtime at 5.30 PM like that they can have a romantic meal and free time…

Why on earth did you have kids! Meal time is a family time, sharing food is caring, playing board games is fun! Cooking is not boring and being a mum is not a chore.

Yes it is hard work, life is hard work.

You can not blame it on others when you don’t get what you want. You want to lose weight? You have to exercise and eat healthy.

You want to be in better shape? You have to exercise and eat healthy.

You want to succeed? You have to work hard and look after yourself…

No magic pills, same for parenting. Forget about all the books and look at your kids, teach them behaviour, guide them and feed them properly!

Meditative note

My older son has muscle weakness, he has dyspraxia like 20% of the kids have a slight difference which makes our world more interesting really.

Yes, he is hard work and really sensitive but I would not have him any other way as he is also super clever.

Our second one is mischievous and fearless. I don’t know how many heart attacks he already gave me.

Still I know that I give them the best I can to offer them a great adult life. There is no security it will happen but at least health wise They have good basics, they love food for its simplicity and because it comes from mummy.

Look after yourselves, eat well and be happy.

By Happy2feed




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