Fake products, how to know what to buy now…

When going to a supermarket I am always amazed by how products are labeled now a days. Just look at the eggs here in Australia. You have the number of chicken, how they live, enriched eggs with omega 3 or vitamin D written in capital letters, you even have the face of a farmer with his chickens… But when you open the box you get the same perfectly cleaned eggs, stamped and bright. Does a consumer really need to know all the details of the chicken life? Does a consumer really has to know the nutrients value of an egg?

Or is it more important to make sure that your eggs are hormones free and the shell has not be cleaned in order to keep the freshness and therefor the nutrients of the produce. And when I talk about eggs, it is far from the worse I have seen.

People are lured into thinking a processed product can be good for them

Just look at the cereals, candies or chocolate bars… Is being gluten free and fat free a sign of quality ?

I have seen a social media discussion on a label found on a potatoes bag. 25% less carbohydrates. What does it really mean? Is that type of potato nice to eat anyway? Are we condemned to lose our taste for natural produces and instead look for RDI, nutritional facts, ingredients, list of E and their significance? While people should more learn about what type of potato is nice for what dish, how to cook them to get their health benefits, how many and when.

The older generation does not care about all that. They know that they have to eat a varied diet, they love cooking simple dish and get seasonal produces as nature is made in a way that you get what you need from the produces available at the moment.

Do you really think you can add the nutritional value of everything you eat in a day to make sure you get what is required? Do you really think your body works like this?

Just ask yourself this question: is your system getting the same nutritive value from a protein coming from natural food and the protein coming from a processed bar. It can be the same value on the label but they do not tell you the composition and how it will be digested. Can you know absolutely all the facts ?

Label reading evolution

I learnt at a really young age how to read a label. My mum taught me. “the list starts with the ingredient present in bigger amount in the composition, if you buy yogurt and it says sugar or water first… it is not yogurt, it should only be milk and culture.” But the food industry can not just write down the ingredients, it does not sale.
They also keep on finding new names for forbidden ingredients, like MSG which can be monosodium glutamate, E620 to E625, food enhancer, yeast food, whey protein… So many names that contain MSG. Basically any processed food now contains it.
The food industry is here to make money, they are always finding a way to make us think their products are safe and healthy. It is not a conspiracy, just a reality.
Even our fruits and vegetables are labeled sometimes, you could actually get the same value on a label for a produce and a product while in the second one most of the nutrients are not present anymore due to the processing of the food.

Eating healthy is less expensive

The other criteria usually used by some of my clients is the price. They try to find any excuses not to buy fresh products and cook. Even my husband will say I can scare him sometime. True, because I am scared myself. With the knowledge I have it is hard to see our children eat processed food even if it is just for birthdays or special occasion. I  was sad after Halloween this year, seeing all the toddlers and even babies eating low quality lollies.

And my point is, eating healthy cost less. Water is free, I buy a weekly box of organic fruits and vegetables for 30 dollars, we don’t eat processed food, biscuits and all except homemade, no chips or crackers. We do not overeat and try not to waste. Yes, I am cooking everyday, but it does not take more than 15 minutes to cook an healthy lunch using left overs, and dinner are easy and simple recipes. Does not mean we do not have french fries or pizza but homemade and twice a month.

The point is, your body needs nutrients and when eating processed food, biscuits, chips and fast food, you do not get much of them. You will feel full but your body is not and will claim food once your brain register the lack of essential compounds.  You’ll be hungry 30 minutes later. When eating a nice balanced diet, you eat less and therefor it costs less. The best is that it tastes so much better too!

Meditative note

Of course, stress is another big enemy of our so called modern society, therefor stressing yourself about how and where to buy food is not ideal. As everything, find your balance, switch drinks to water, eat fruits, nuts and seeds for snacks, learn 3 or 4 easy recipes that can be easily cooked like omelettes, stir fry, salads. Buy a steamer or a pressure cooker that will save you time and cook healthier options.

By doing so you will already feel better, you will also use less plastics and why not growing your own herbs ? Step by step to enjoy life again.
Be aware, read and document yourself before buying a product because on the label it says it is all natural and will help to save the planet.
And with the money you save by not buying soft drinks or chips, treat yourself once a week with an expensive, good quality chocolate eclair !

Look after yourselves, eat well and be happy.

By Happy2feed




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