Read and learn how healthy living could lead to a better life.


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Read and learn how healthy living could lead to a better life.



What Happy2Feed Stand For

Happy2Feed is here to support you into finding a way to better nutrition. It starts at a really young age and giving the right food to your child means giving optimum chance for a healthy life.

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  • I had the pleasure of meeting Helene Dunlop after I gave birth of my third child and I wanted to get rid of my four remaining extra kilos, the most difficult ones… With Helene's program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Helene did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. Helene taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. I have become a lot more aware and enlightened about my negative eating habits and the driving force behind them. Helene provided helpful guidance to develop self-discipline methods to overcome negative behaviors. She coached me to use great strategies and shared great resources and encouragement throughout the process. I have started to develop a more healthy relationship with food and with my body. In fact, eating healthy has become enjoyable and no longer causes anxiety and stress! To date, I am please to say that I have lost my extra kilos. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Helene and her program!

  • Helen is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and health and I take her advice for myself and for my son. In her one to one time with me I felt not only that she is really professional but also that she is really interested in me and accomplishing my goals. I can say without a doubt that thanks to her, I pointed out the "mistakes" that I make when it comes to my family's nutrition and I made the necessary changes . Moreover, thanks to some yummy recipes she gave me we can enjoy some new and healthy dishes !

    S. P.
  • Helene is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She is so professional and thorough, beginning with a comprehensive personalised assessment. She firmly believes in eating right and using high quality nutritional supplements to achieve and maintain personal health goals. Helene really took the time to work with me on my own unique individual issues and the personalised programme she put together healed my gut health issues and the recipes she suggested were delicious. Her energy, enthusiasm and passion for making changes is very contagious. I would never have expected to get so much valuable information from her. And she has helped me consistency work on making changes to have a diet that suits my needs. I'd definitely recommend Helene to anyone who wants to make positive changes ... your health will thank you for it!

    M. S.
  • Gênée par quelques kgs que je n'arrivais pas à perdre et ayant déjà essayé de nombreux régimes et rencontré des diététiciennes sans succès, j'ai décidé de demander à Hélène de m'accompagner. Je n'avais pas envie d'un régime restrictif, je suis "bonne vivante" mais plutôt d'apprendre à rééquilibrer mon alimentation. Ce fut un succès! L'approche d'Helene est globale (médicale, psychologique, chronobiologique) et personnalisée. Après une évaluation très professionnelle et detaillee, elle vous aide à construire vos menus en fonction de votre mode de vie et à rééquilibrer les "excès." La perte de poids a été efficace et durable! Je recommande son accompagnement convivial et toujours tourné vers le plaisir de manger bien et mieux! Merci Helene!

    A. L.
  • If you are looking for a nutritionist that has knowledge about food but also about how our body works get in contact with Helene. If you feel tired, overworked, needing to loose a few pounds or more or just simply falling sick all the time, she will help you design a plan that will suit you personally. Helene has helped me understand my body a little better and kick start my diet. In the last 14 months I have lost 12 kg and I am still working on 8 more to reach my goal. My cholesterol was very hight and has now dropped and all because of better food choices. Its not always easy to stay in target and Helene will always be available to answer your questions as well as motivating you. She always gives me advises and new delicious but healthy recipes to try. I fully recommend Helene as a nutritionist.

    S. L.
  • Très bonne nuritionniste, conseils simples, de bon sens, correspondant au pays où l'on vit aussi bien qu'aux habitudes du patient, donc facilement applicables. Je recommande.

    Y. S.
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